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Balls Industry Application

  • High speed, noiseless,
    standard & special bearings
  • Stainless steel and tungsten
    carbide ball pens
  • Valves, ball valves for liquids
    & gases, corroding acids
  • Constant velocity joints, steering for motor vehicles, oilers, grease nipples, comparators, master ball sets.
  • Gas-lighters, cosmetics, dispenser, household appliances in general, conveyors, transfer machines
  • Hammer-drills, equipments
    for mines oil wells
  • Devices for testing laboratories
    and medical equipment.
  • Cars, metro, cycle and bicycle
    for the balls in special material
  • Grinding Media, Ball Screw
  • Applications

Aimark Travers Ltd.

3400 Pharmacy Ave. Unit 9
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M1W 3J8

Phone: (905) 475-3660
Fax: (905) 475-2381


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